Suzanne Attwooll

"Welcome to Everyone Can Read.

Here you will find details of a phonics-based reading intervention programme that is being used with great success in a growing number of schools in the UK."

Suzanne Attwooll, Author, Everyone Can Read

The Author

My name is Suzanne Attwooll, the author of Everyone Can Read.

The detailed development of Everyone Can Read began in 1987. What is now available is a very extensive range of materials which are the result of more than 25 years of development and enhancement. This programme has helped hundreds of pupils to learn to read successfully. Read more details of my background and of the background to the development of Everyone Can Read.

I am confident that you will find Everyone Can Read an effective programme for teaching reading to those who have been left behind by other methods. My experience, and the experience of teachers in a growing number of schools, leads me to say that the programme (when used by properly trained teachers and learning support assistants) will bring remarkable results.

Latest News

  • The number of schools using Everyone Can Read continues to grow. It is now being used in schools throughout England and Wales.
  • Emeritus Professor Greg Brooks (University of Sheffield) has rated the effectiveness of the Everyone Can Read programme as “remarkable” – for reading accuracy, comprehension and spelling for pupils at primary/secondary transition.
  • New reinforcement materials for the programme have been developed and are now available:
    Alphabet Action – a programme for teaching letters of the alphabet and alphabetical order
    Screen Words and Phonic Patterns – a CD for use with computers or projectors which also contains new activities linked to the Sound Boards.

    These are described in detail here.

  • A Parent Pack – an adapted version of the Everyone Can Read programme for use in the home – is soon to be released.

Relevance of the Programme

Phonics has once again been recognised as the best method for teaching reading. Everyone Can Read is a programme whose time has come, whose relevance spans both primary and secondary sectors and whose effectiveness can be vouched for by those using it.

A Teacher’s View

There are many teachers who will vouch for the effectiveness of Everyone Can Read. Listen to the comments of Cara Smith, English teacher and KS3 DSEN Co-ordinator at George Salter Academy, West Bromwich:

It is not unusual for secondary schools to have difficulty fitting sufficient reading intervention lessons into the weekly timetable. George Salter’s solution is to run an Everyone Can Read Breakfast Club four days a week. The Results have been very gratifying. Last year the average pupil improvement in Reading Age was 2 years 4 months.