Suzanne Attwooll

"Welcome to Everyone Can Read.

Here you will find details of a phonics-based reading programme that is being used very successfully in a growing number of schools within the UK."

Suzanne Attwooll

About the Author

Suzanne Attwooll explains the background to Everyone Can Read

I have an Arts Degree from Melbourne University in Australia and a Diploma in the Education of Handicapped Children from Manchester University in the United Kingdom. I have been a teacher virtually all of my working life.

My interest in the teaching of reading began early in my career when, as a secondary school teacher in an inner city suburb of Sydney, Australia, I became aware that a number of my Year 8 English students had not mastered basic literacy skills. With the encouragement of a supportive headmaster, I introduced a remedial reading programme in the school, which was quite an innovation for 1972.

I was a resident of the UK for 33 years, teaching at primary and secondary schools in both the state and independent sectors. My interests centred on Special Needs teaching.

Everyone Can Read has evolved since 1987. Driven by my belief that the most successful method of teaching reading had to be based on phonics, and being unable to find suitable material, I decided to develop my own.

What is now available is a very extensive range of materials – the result of more than 25 years of development. I have been a full time teacher during most of this period and the material that I have created has been used and enhanced in my own teaching. It has been refined to the point where it has been sold and used successfully by other teachers in many schools in the UK. The latest version of the programme, the Everyone Can Read Tutor Pack, is now available in Australia.

I remain passionately interested in the effective teaching of reading. I know my programme has helped hundreds of pupils to learn to read successfully. This gives me confidence to say quite simply – Everyone Can Read works!

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