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Suzanne Attwooll

Breakfast Club

George Salter Breakfast Club

Cara Smith, DSEN Co-ordinator for Years 7-9, describes the George Salter Academy’s Breakfast Club. Summary details follow the video clip.

Students Involved: Year 7
Number of students: 25
Number of staff: 5 – 1 teacher, 4 learning support assistants
Number of lessons: 4 lessons per week (Monday to Thursday)
Lesson start time: 8:00
Length of lessons: 30 minutes
Incentives for students: Mini-bus collection
Breakfast beforehand
Opportunity to make friends
Rewards for attendance (e.g. theatre trips)
End of term certificates
Excellent rapport with teachers
Being a Breakfast Club Ambassador
Parent involvement: Initial meeting, including an outstanding powerpoint presentation, giving details of the reading programme and the breakfast club.

Frequent, easy communication with staff
Supervision of homework
Invitation to the award/ graduation ceremonies.

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