Sarah Jones

"We are still using Everyone Can Read with great success. This year we saw all of our students make average progress of 2.9 years from November to April!"

Sarah Jones, SEN Co-ordinator, Finham Park Academy, Coventry

Reviews & References

Experts’ Reviews

  1. Professor Greg Brooks
    Professor Emeritus of Education
    University of Sheffield
    Author of “Interventions for Literacy”

    Professor Brooks has rated the effectiveness of the Everyone Can Read intervention programme as:

    “Remarkable for reading accuracy, comprehension and spelling for pupils at primary/secondary transition.”

  2. Elizabeth Nonweiler
    Reading Reform Foundation

    The Reading Reform Foundation is a long-established, non-profit making organisation dedicated to the campaigning for better teaching of reading in the English Language. Members of the Foundation are united in their belief that synthetic phonics is the most effective method for teaching everyone to read. The Foundation’s website,, contains a wide range of information and articles.

    Elizabeth Nonweiler is an experienced teacher and an expert in synthetic phonics teaching methods. Her review of Everyone Can Read can be found on the Reading Reform Foundation’s website.

Teachers’ Views

Ann Fazackerley, SENCO
Witchford Village College

“This is the fourth year we have been using Everyone Can Read at Witchford Village College, and I have found it to be the most effective intervention programme for students with basic literacy difficulties that I have ever come across – and I have been around and doing this job for a year or two now! It is highly structured, very thorough, provides much opportunity for the overlearning  that so many of our students need, and has been found to be motivating for most of the students who have been involved.

When our TAs were first trained, some commented that it was “too babyish” for our older students, but in fact it was just what they needed. For whatever reason, some had missed those basic building blocks of written communication, with the result that there was nothing to build on. One Y11 student, who had been “stuck” at a reading age of about 8 years, made 4 years progress over 10 weeks! It was like turning a light on!

Some teachers can be worried about students missing their lessons to follow the programme, but they accept that unless they can read, students cannot access the curriculum anyway. Parents are pleased that the long standing difficulties faced by their children are being addressed. Many have commented on the difference it has made to their children.

We no longer use the programme with KS 4 students, but blitz them in the earlier years so that they no longer need intervention further up the school, and can cope with their exam subjects.”

Anne Stuart, Learning Support Assistant
Rawlins Academy, Leicestershire

“Everyone Can Read WORKS!

A colleague and I delivered the programme to four students over a six week period of literacy intervention, all students’ reading scores increased significantly.

In our school we are using the ECR phonics programme with small groups of mixed ability year 7 and 8 students with great success.

The students are all very positive and are all engaged in learning throughout the lessons. Our students love ‘playing’ the games, but are equally happy working on their whiteboards or doing the Sound Board drill.

Suzanne’s training sessions are brilliant; they give staff a clear idea how to deliver the programme and the opportunity to have a go. The instructions are clear, well modelled and reasoned. It was the first training session ever where I felt fully engaged and that the day had been worthwhile.

I would thoroughly recommend the Everyone Can Read phonics programme. The initial setting up of the programme does require time and commitment, but the results are well worth the effort.

We have a folder for each Sound Board containing everything: games, activities, a printed Sound Board and word lists. This means that sessions can be delivered anywhere, you just collect a folder and away you go!

The Everyone Can Read phonics programme is FUN, it builds on previous learning, it is accessible to every student and…it WORKS!”

Mandy Sharp, SENCO
Croesyceiliog School
Cwmran, Wales

“Croesyceiliog School started running Everyone Can Read sessions in 2013 and it’s proved a hit with pupils. Reluctant readers were determined not to enjoy another reading booster but couldn’t help get drawn in by the straightforward yet effective phonics programme. The lack of potentially patronising pictures, songs and actions has made the programme more appealing to secondary-school aged pupils right up to year 11. This year we have rolled the programme out to more pupils in years 7 and 8 to help boost reading and spelling age scores.”

Cara Smith
English Teacher and KS3 DSEN Co-ordinator
George Salter Academy
West Bromwich

“We’ve found the programme really, really easy to use…as a school we love this programme. We’ve tried different ones and this is the one that we have found the most successful, the most enjoyable and the one that the kids respond to in the best way.

I would definitely – 100% – recommend Everyone Can Read to teachers in other schools, because it is really, really simple; the training that we have had has been brilliant, really straightforward.

All of our students have made progress….the kids love it, parents love it and – 100% – I would recommend it.”

Jane Jones, SENCO
Coundon Court Academy, Coventry

KS3 students are making excellent progress using Everyone Can Read. Students love the fast pace and constant change of activity during the sessions. Teachers appreciate the highly structured and well designed course materials.

Students’ confidence has increased and they are learning the joy of books and reading. They want to read. They can see they are making progress and they enjoy doing the sheets at home with parents.

Krysia Welch, SENCO
Foxford School, Coventry

“I needed a reading scheme to support the development of our very weak readers. When I started to look for a scheme I had a few criteria in mind; I was looking for a scheme that was suitable for the secondary age range and was not ‘too young’ or patronising for secondary age students; I also wanted a scheme that could be taught to a group as well as to individual students, and that I (without a background in English teaching) would feel comfortable and confident teaching.  After seeing this scheme in action for the first time it was obvious that it would meet our needs – and it has many more advantages.  The activities easily fit into the 60 minutes of a typical secondary school lesson; it contains a variety of tasks so that interest is maintained; it perfectly meets the needs of students with dyslexia and it is easy and enjoyable to teach.

Our experience of progress for students has been excellent – with students regularly making 12 months or more progress with their reading after one term on the scheme.  Our students really enjoy the sessions and are disappointed when the course ends for them; we use it widely with dyslexic and non-dyslexic students as well as those with EAL needs.  Overall I highly recommend the scheme to other schools; it has proved to be an outstanding purchase – excellent value for money and continues to make an invaluable contribution to raising literacy levels.”

Jackie Chaytor, Learning Support Teacher
Woodlands Academy, Coventry

We at the Woodlands School and Sports College have been using the Everyone Can Read scheme over the past eighteen months. This scheme is particularly enjoyed by the students as they really like the activities and they are motivated to do well. All students have made good progress since using this scheme.


A selection of teachers, who have offered themselves as references, can be found here.

Mrs. Jane Jones,
SEN Co-ordinator,
Coundon Court Academy,
Northbrook Road,
Coventry, CV6 2AJ

Tel: 024 76335121

Mrs. Krysia Welch,
SEN Co-ordinator,
Foxford School,
Grange Road,
Coventry, CV6 6BB

Tel: 024 76369200

Mrs. Ann Cazenave,
Deputy Head Teacher,
Woodfield School,
Stoneleigh Road,
Coventry, CV4 7AB

Tel: 024 76418755

Mrs. Jackie Chaytor,
Learning Support Teacher,
Woodlands Academy,
Broad Lane,
Coventry, CV5 7FF

Tel: 024 76462634

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